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16th Anniversary - Drunkard's Stein (PoK Clicky)

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  • 16th Anniversary - Drunkard's Stein (PoK Clicky)

    Hi All,

    I am a returning player and have several accounts with several characters including my Necro. Most of the characters are either new or old but none of them had a PoK Clicky (such as brick of knowledge or talisman thing). For my Necro this isnt a huge issue, although it would still be nice to be able to bind elsewhere and port to PoK for various things. Most players by now probably have at least 1-2 PoK clickies, but this is my first. I have to say this clicky is godamn unbelievably awesome.

    It ports you to PoK Brewer area next to the Main bank, has .5 cast time!!!!, no regeant, and 30 min cooldown. It also has some fun text about being drunk etc. Also the spell effect is pretty cool too.

    So, naturally I did this quest on every character I have. And in doing so learned a few tricks to speed up and help with the process.

    Quest: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/q...tml?quest=8025
    Clicky: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/i...ml?item=123362

    NOTE: I will be explaining the short-cut version of this quest where you just get the stein as fast and easy as possible.

    1. 50 Alchohol Tolerance (even for task adds and shortcut version, if you want to get the stein you need 50).
    2. 20x Ogre Swill (from Brewmaster Berina in PoK)

    1. Have a porter (I used my druid taxi) bind in Abysmal Sea in front of Galdorin Visigothe. Ring back to PoK, use teleport to bind ability to taxi in all your alts, BAM easy as pie!
    2. Make 1 social macro for each line, dont make any spelling or grammar mistakes.
    3. TARGET VISIGOTHE - this screwed me up and i had to do it over quite a few times until I figured out you needed to have him targeted while you sing or you wont get credit!!
    4. Understand his Song Loop - As far as I could tell, he sings the song you need over and over about maybe 8 times or so. Then he goes into an "other songs" loop of what seems like 10 songs. If he starts or is in the "other songs" loop, leave your computer and come back in an hour or so. Otherwise you will be frustrated.
    5. Alcohol Tolerance Trick - After leveling up AT to 50 on about 10 or so characters, I figured out a trick to speed things up. At first I would get smashed (drink until you cant anymore). Wait and wait, and then drink some more. This is slow and takes about maybe 4-5 hours to hit 50. Towards the end (unfortunately) I figured out a MUCH faster way:
    • Drink to max
    • Either keep clicking every 10 seconds or so, or alt-tab to your other alts and smash the drink button. Alt tab, smash drink button 5 times, and continue this cycle. What seems to happen is, 1 or 2 "drink slots" come up within 5-10 seconds. Meaning you can actually keep drinking almost continually every 5-10 seconds. This means you can hit 50 within probably 10-15 minutes on all characters you are working on!! No need to drink to max, and then wait 20 minutes like I was.

    More instructions coming...
    Necro, Bard, Shaman, Mage, Druid Team

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    If the NPC starts singing other songs, just buy some Brasse's Bitter Brew from the merchant behind you.

    Target the singing NPC, and right click the bitter brew. This will throw the brew at the NPC, and it puts him back into the loop of singing the anniversary song.

    I heard somewhere that it may be "one loop per brew thrown," but I have not confirmed this. I have been able to get him into the stein song loop by throwing at least one brew at him.