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    This spell was a god-send when I first found it - produced half a dozen EE inside a week using it for finishing strokes.

    Then I upgraded to Venin II and NADA!!!

    I'm also hitting harder mobs now though...

    Was it nerfed, is Venin II broken, are 70+ mobs immune to having their essence ripped out... or have I just had a bad streak?

    Any experience?

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    Guess you had a lucky streak with venin rk I

    I gave up on the damn thing. Can't land a kill shot on raids if i kill myself.

    6 sec cast time is just way too much compared to almost double damage instant DD'd wizzys have.


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      I haven't made a single EE with venin rk 2 either. Same goes for Vakk'dras.
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        Vakk`dra's no long has the proc attached.

        I've only gotten 1 EE since TSS came out...and I've went out specifically getting the kill shot the first few months when I was kiting.


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          I've found it isn't worth the trouble. It takes far too long to cast to make it in any way useable, even when solo'ing.


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            I got a bunch of EE's from venin rk1 a while back...

            Ive since upgraded to venin rk2...

            didnt think much of it but now that u mention since your upgrade to rk2 you havent seen many....

            Now im lucky to get 2 a week and i solo almost exclusivly and end every kite with a kill shot.

            They either nerfed it worse then the 5% chance or venin rk1 or rk2 is broken.

            Might just delete it from spell book and rebuy it see what happens...
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              So far,I've probably used Rk.II for 75 kill shots,which resulted in 4 EE's.Not a very good ratio.Since then about another 150 kill shots and 0ne EE.

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                It may be broken, I got about 3 EE's from RK1 when I first got it a month or so ago, but now I can't get anything from it, and have been trying for about a week.


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                  Hmm, I also noticed a decrease in the EEs I was getting when I upgraded to rank II - I just chalked mine up to doing less xping where it is easy to get the KS, never really tested it, but I definately did experience a decrease for whatever reason.
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                    if you've been using RK2 and got 4 EE's out of 75 killshots, then it's working as expected, that's a 5.333% EE ratio.

                    However, it's still not good enough for me.



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                      Have they fixed Venin?

                      I noticed it procing EE's a lot more since yesterday, I got about 4 in about 10 kill shots today. I didn't notice anything in the patch message yesterday so that's why I asked here.


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                        I've been trying to watch this more closely the last week or so. I'm using Venin Rk1 and I have been making EE's at a decent rate. So I wonder if there was some sort of code foulup with the upper ranks.....

                        But I can confirm that RK1 is producing EE's


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                          Hmm...I got Rk. II recently. I don't normally use it but I was bored and decided to use it on a raid a few nights ago. Got 2 ee's in about 30 mins.


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                            I have Rk. II and have picked up 1 EE since I was able to mem the spell. That is including Rk. I. I might just be having crappy experience with the spell though.
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                              Yeah...I had thought that too. Before that night I had gotten 1 EE from venin since when TSS came out. Of course I haven't gotten any since the 2 now...