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new pet illusion found?

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  • new pet illusion found?

    Spell: Form of Restless Spirits just came up on lucy.Anyone have info about it yet?

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    My bets are on quested...but I said that about the other ones too hehe. Given the zombie one was in tbs...i'd start there. According to alla's it's not on the suspect TSS venders.


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      It's the direwind vendor spell, makes your pet look like a spectre.
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        didn't see it listed...

        But I didnt look too hard either lol.

        For those of use that prefer the skelly look, head to Blightfire Moores and look for Undertaker Schell he has 3 spells that turn pet into a fairly small skelly. IMO the all look about the same, but the Chilled bone one is the lightest in color.


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          It's too bad the forms don't stick when you pocket a pet. Would rather look at a skeleton over a vacuum cleaner any day.

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