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Where is the best place to farm Salt Peter

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  • Where is the best place to farm Salt Peter

    I was farming Salt Peter in PoI at the zone in, pulling trains of 3-5 mobs, didn't have my cleric there to pull more, and after 2 hours only had 36. I know the RNG can be evil and haven't gone back sense because of it. Is there a better spot for this? I was thinking of trying CC in DoDh but wanted to pick the brains of the community. And yes I know EQtraders would probally be a better place to ask this question but trying here first as it seems more necro's have 300 skill than the other classes. My perception is my reality!

    Level 68 Necro on Theris-Thule err...Prexus
    Level 75 BST on Theris-Thule err...Prexus

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    i had better luck on the creep reapers in corathus creep... the ones at the bottom of that hill... by the zone in to uh... those fibblebrap tasks or w/e they were.

    i also see them drop like candy in zeka, beza & SF, if you're looking for some xp while you farm.
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      PoI and any SoF zone with Clockworks afaik. I see a lot in Fort Mech and Steamfactory, but thats where I spend most of my time. Not sure on any difference of drop rates etc between the zones. You will likely have a hard time in Fort Mech at 68, and I wouldnt recommend Steamfactory till close to 80, if not 80, but thats where I see em


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        I think it's a basic drop from the clockwork type mob so the probability is the same. But, as others have said, I had the best luck in Corathus Creep.

        Normally what I would do is grab a couple of afk'ers to sit in group, clear out the creep reapers and corathus in CC then get a Finding Fibblebrap I mission and clear out the grey corathus in that over and over until I got respawn in CC.

        The corathus drop corathus entrails which can take your tailoring to 252 rather easily if you are considering that TS too.


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          Vendor farm it, often gets sold as junk to nearby vendors.


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            Can confirm the Creep Reapers in CC drop at least 1 saltpeter per kill without fail, making them the most consistent and easy farming source I've found to date. Plus, these days, I never see anyone famring them anymore.