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  • PvP for a Noob necro

    I don't PvP much, and had never tried it till the other night... Would like some tips from other necros that do it often I have group gear, and dueled a raid geared Bard, and the fight was not even close Wondering what the best spells, strats, anything I can do to get better if I ever decide to do it again... Pretty sure there is no way in hell I can beat that particular bard due to the extreme difference in our gear, but would like to get better, thanks!

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    Indeed we must be able to PvP well, based on this thread on SoE boards... there seems to be 2 sucessful necros on Zek that people like to stay away from. Which is contrary to what I have believed for years. I thoght that we were weak in PvP because you could land splurt and pyrocursor and that pretty much was the extent of your damage dealing capabilty (and it did 2/3s of the normal damage.) So I never even tried, just took this for granted as truth.

    I would like some tips too.

    Some excerpts from: ZEK (pvp) who do you fear?

    Kainzzo_Drinal_SZ writes: Necromancer = Unload/Fanikbenny

    Evolcryo writes: Necromancer = Unload/Fanikben - Thay make me pee in my pants

    Ahanasli_Stromm writes: Necromancer = Unload/Fanikben - To be honest I will straight out gate 1 v 1 vs a necro..Those dots are mean
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      Zek has different rules as to what you can land. Pretty much whisperwind + pew pew + burn = dead people.


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        I fought some other group geared friends in the Arena just for grins and the corruption DoTs were the only things I could land.. Ok, occasionally a tap would land after tash clickie, but couldn't get other dots to land, even after landing the POI / DIS debuffer. I did beat them, with the corruption DoTs, pets, whisperwind, and occasional taps.

        Any other hints by others with more experience? Don't think I could beat that raid geared bard, no matter what tactics I used, maybe if I had similar gear and AAs? Dunno, because I will never have high end raid gear and 6K AAs


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          Dueling as a necro can be complicated, depends on the class you are fighting.

          If fighting a ranger for example u want to stay just close enough that they are unable to use their bow and shoot ya, but stay just far enough away that they can't melee you. As well as keep yourself moving so they can't do Barrage, Arc, or Focus arrows.

          Other classes differ.

          Now what we have that will land on PC's in duels is our Corruption DoT's, our Splart line of DoT's, as well as the lvl 59 or 60 fire spell Pyrocruor. Those 4 dots are the ones that will land. Yes they will be resisted at times, but will land. Others will not.

          Here are some tricks and things to remember when dueling. Make sure to stock up on the right clicky heal orbs. I like going into Freeport and just loading my best orb creation spell and nuking everything. 1 hit kills, with no possibility of being attacked back. I normally do 100-200 depending on if im dueling all day, or the class i am going against.

          Another thing, keep your Harmshield Spell and AA at the rdy, along with Forceful Rejuvenation. When dueling melee types, if at all possible load on Splart line first let it do a couple ticks, then the others, once all are on them use 3rd spire, then HS Spell, and let em whack on ya as your dots do major dmg to them. Hopefully they won't notice and get close to dieing.

          If you don't have the AA already, get yourself Whisperwind. Very valuable in duels against Sk's, rogues, zerkers and others. Allows u to launch forward, far enough to cast 1-2 spells depending if the person notices where you went or not.

          Some people do and some people don't, but use pets when dueling. A lot of the time people are idiots and actually watch what pets are doing and will stop to fight them instead. Which is good for you, keep summon pet spell loaded as well, toss another out there if the first one dies, they are a good distraction, so is the Rise of Bones AA.

          If you are fighting someone with a pet, use their pet to your advantage, don't use DoT's, don't snare it. Use it as a lifetap tool when your orbs are on cool down if needed. Lifetaps always land on pets in duels. If you are fighting a mage and they send out their Rise of Pets AA, then use FD. FD will clear pet aggro and make them poof away leaving just their original and wasting the AA.

          There ya go, just a few tips. There are many more, but those are just some. Go out there and test things out, use friends who don't mind being the testing dummy for AA's, discs and skills.



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            Cool, some good tips, thank you. Don't duel much, but don't like getting thrashed when I do Have more AAs now, which will help if I duel again in the future.


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              hi, this's unload, the necro spoken of on this thread, was just reading this post and i feel obligated to make a few corrections to what killegore said.

              1: if a ranger is discing you definitely don't wanna be close at all. hahaha.

              2: we have a line of spells that are flagged for pvp that work the way killegore said they do; they will be resisted often, if you're fighting someone with high resists, but they will also land often. to my knowledge that list of spells is, heat blood, boil blood, ignite blood, pyrocruor, splurt, splort, splart, splirt(can't stack different versions of splurt so just use your strongest), all our 70 and below leech dots(you can actually stack the DoT part of your leech dots on people, but you will only get the HoT from your strongest. you might actually be able to stack the HoT from one 70- leech dot and swift lifedraw because the HoT from swift lifedraw goes in your song window), putrefaction, putrescence, fetidity, swift lifedraw, swift venom, flashblaze, dark rune, chill bone, conglaciation of bone, scorch bones, taps, poison nukes, our nukes that have a chance to proc chaotic power, and lifeburn. also i spam encroaching darkness on people all the time in pvp. it only lands like 1/50 tries, but it's so funny when it lands. again, these spells will be resisted often, but they will also land often. an example of how tapping someone over and over might work out in high resist pvp is: resist, resist, poop damage, resist, poop damage, poop damage, resist, KABOOM!!!!! it's all rolling dice. i almost never try to tap anyone in high end pvp because it's probably not gonna work. i mainly rely on reluctant benevolence procs and orbs for heals. i don't use heal pots cuz those are gay for heal classes imo.

              3: you pretty much don't wanna use tappable pets if you're fighting another necro or sk. the only exception is if you are using wards or your pet is invincible for a moment. i sometimes pull out a tappable pet with its wards up to trick the necro or sk i'm fighting. if your wards are up your pet can take like 9 casts or something without giving the sk or necro who lifetapped it any hp, but if you are just using your basic pet vs. a sk or necro you are just working against yourself cuz they'll just tap it. our call of skeletal swarm and call of skeletal crush pets have resists so high that no one can land spells on them so feel free to spam those all day on a necro or sk without fear of them tapping it. (unless sk has leech curse or epic going cuz they can get hp for the damage they do with melee when that's running).

              also, rangers have some gay AA that lets them defensively proc a heal if they are being meleed once they drop down to like 20% or somewhere around there. if you drop a ranger low and then proc him heals with your pet you are really working against yourself.

              4: taps do NOT always work on pets. mages and beastlords can give their pets high resists so you might wanna dispell their pets like fifteen times before you try taps. i dispell over and over then land encroaching darkness and just tap when i want hp.

              and for the dude who asked about fighting bards, you need to understand something. i don't know about your server, but at least on zek there's a bug
              that was introduced with the HoT expansion where if a bard has the new resist AAs you can NOT land a RESISTABLE spell on them. only thing that works on bards on zek for necro is pets and lifeburn.
              however, if you happen to be fighting a bard who doesn't have that super overpowered bugged crap going they're super easy to kill as a necro. just load 'em up with dots and pets and nukes shadowstep and whisperwind all over the place. if you're fighting a bard who is dispelling your dots over and over just spam nukes and pets over and over. play enough defense to stay alive and you should be fine.


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                LoLz.... Going through old EQ posting and found this.

                Nice to see you are still around Unload!

                Team Evol says hello!~