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The Sleeper downed?

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    Something funny. The three guilds supposedly imedaitely started attacking each other afterwards. That is a PVP server. So they kill the mob then go after each other. That was one reason the last 0% took so long. Many started backing off to prepare for an ambush of the other guilds.

    SOOO glad I am not on PVP server.

    I had heard the Pet's adn Harmtouches were doing a great deal of teh damage. The SK's were getting their HT's off and that was a big peice of what actually hit him. No idea of the truth of it.
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      Probably, since everyone died roughly 20 times (each person), all of the SKs probably, as soon as they were rezzed HT'ed so they could get the damage off immediately. That would have really decreased the fighting time, especially if there were a lot of SKs

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