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Patch Notes - 01/22/2014

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  • Patch Notes - 01/22/2014

    Today's EverQuest game update features the release of Hate Rising, the first extension to the Call of the Forsaken expansion.

    As of this posting, the Live patch notes are not yet available. What follows here are the update notes from the Test Server, which should be pretty similar to what all goes live later today. (We'll update this news post with the Live version of the patch notes later today.)

    *** Items ***

    - Increased the stats on all types of Mercenary gear.
    - Mercenary gear is now all/all.
    - The finishing kick from recent monk chest armor has been reduced to a single kick.
    - The Cerebral debuff line of Enchanter robe clicks now properly runs out of charges, and no longer works on spells with no mana cost.
    - The Tears of Alaris can now be converted to and from augment form.
    - The Rallosian Spear Ornamentation has been renamed to Rallosian Greatsword Ornamentation.
    - The Blima Ornament, Kingslayer Ornament, and Warpower Ornament can now be used with hand-to-hand weapons.
    - Yew Leaves found in the Wakening Lands should be easier to spot now.
    - Hero's Sigil of the Council can now be equipped in the ammo slot.
    - Adjusted the effect from the item Rod of Dark Rites so that its use charges are only consumed by spells that cost mana.
    - Removed particle effects from all items and spells that summon mounts.
    - Several items that were tradable on normal servers but not on Firiona Vie have been fixed.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Increased the level spread for most shared tasks to match the experience sharing level spread for the lowest level participants. In other words, as long as the lowest-level player is allowed in the task, any player that can share experience with that player should also be allowed in the same task.
    - Minimum and maximum level requirements no longer take the average of the group but instead require that each person meet the requirements.
    - Modified shared task names on those tasks that are split in to multiple level groups to indicate the approximate average level it was built for.
    - - Example: Lavaspinner Hunting [65] versus Lavaspinner Hunting [68+].
    - Increased the experience, coin, and currency rewards for many existing segments of Heroic Adventures based on the actual time players were taking to complete them.
    - Heroic Adventures now display a line on the compass leading to the mission entrance.
    - Excavating an Answer - Reduced the number of guardians needed to be slain during one possible step of this Heroic Adventure from 20 to 14.
    - Excavating an Answer - Adjusted the spawn location of the awakened creatures that result from attacking the fragile barrier in this Heroic Adventure to alleviate some targeting issues.
    - Sarnak Recovery - Escaped Sarnaks will properly update these quests.
    - The Long Lost Puppet - The Resplendent Rose needed for this task should be easier to spot.
    - Freedom! - Fixed an issue where Grohlok the Tyrant would be immortal if certain conditions were met.
    - Removed the level 99 cap on receiving rewards from 10th Anniversary reward sets.
    - Chamberlain Krystorf, Seneschal Aldikar, and the Dain's Servant Girl will now present you with the Protection of the Dain if you present your Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV to them.
    - The Plane of Sky key previously known as "Veeshan's Key (Key of Misfortune)" that grants access to the quest halls within island 1 has been renamed "Efreeti's Key" and is now saved on your key ring when used.
    - The keys required to progress from island 1 to island 9 in the Plane of Sky are now saved on your key ring when used in order to travel from island to island. You must use each key at least once, in order, before using the next key in order for them to be saved on your key ring.
    - Removed all faction hits to the Inhabitants of Sky faction. If your reputation with this faction is below neutral, it will be reset to neutral upon entering the Plane of Sky.
    - Corrected several issues that could cause Ambersnout to die without leaving a corpse.

    *** Spells ***

    - Cleric - Increased target limits on all AE versions of Reviviscence by roughly 25 percent to account for the presence of invalid targets in the area.
    - Berserker - Open Wound Effect now increases your chance to dodge and riposte rather than riposte and avoid ripostes.
    - Magician - Corrected the description of Circle of Fireskin.
    - Magician - Fire pets should once again gain a Frenzied Elemental Bolt when using the level 100 version of Frenzied Burnout.
    - Warrior - Changed the way No Time to Bleed Effect absorbs damage. It still absorbs the same amount of damage from spells or melee hits, but will no longer block other detrimental effects from landing. The duration of this effect can no longer be extended via AAs.
    - Removed particle effects from all items and spells that summon mounts.

    *** NPC ***

    - The Dread Lord previously known as Dizok Tolax in Neriak - Fourth Gate is now known as Javis Tolax. His namesake cloak has been similarly renamed.
    - The rare spawn rates in Sarith, City of Tides for the Kraken, Sea Ranger Huren, Tidalmage Narens, and Primal Mage Mollens have been improved.
    - Several citizens of Shar Vahl have returned to wearing their proper attire.
    - Several NPCs spawned via items such as tiny spiders, ants and sheep are no longer targetable.
    - Sirran the Lunatic has calmed down a bit (just a bit) and will no longer assist other inhabitants of the Plane of Sky.
    - Fixed an issue with NPC's not inflicting the correct spell damage at certain levels.

    *** AA ***

    - Alt Activation codes are now correctly listed in the ability descriptions and only for activated abilities.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - All one-handed Call of the Forsaken crafted weapons that were primary only are now also able to be equipped in the secondary slot (if they are usable by dual-wield classes).
    - The Chronomagic Blast proc bestowed by the Chronomage's Tonic will no longer push affected mobs.

    *** Collections ***

    - Adjusted where collection items spawn during the heroic adventures "The Hills Are Alive" and "Artifacts of Great Importance" in Dead Hills to prevent inaccessible items.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Fixed an issue that prevented especially large melee attacks, usually backstabs or flying kicks, from dealing critical damage.
    - Modified our crash reporting system so that data can be better categorized. This should have no visible changes, however if you are not getting the prompt for more information, please report it using /bug.
    - Removed the 15 minute delay between uses of the guildhall teleporter to the guild banner.
    - Corrected an error that prevented players from using their guildhall teleporter to teleport to their guild banner if another player who tried to teleport to their guild banner failed to do so and was still standing on the teleport pad.
    - Aldo, Hiklo, and Wendal Amondson in the Bazaar have retired from their jobs of exchanging horse bridles for bags of platinum and left the work to their brother Galic who will now directly exchange platinum for your unwanted rope, leather, silk or chain horse bridles of any color.
    - Olden, Osborne and Vailin in the Gulf of Gunthak have retired from their jobs of exchanging drogmor drums for bags of platinum and left the work to their brother Hoyt who will now directly exchange platinum for your unwanted small, standard, large or giant drogmor drums of any color.
    - Made a slight adjustment to the invisible walls in the north-eastern section of the Southern Desert of Ro to prevent players from becoming stuck when zoning to the Northern Desert of Ro.
    - The default map for Neriak Third Gate now lists the zoneline to Neriak Fourth Gate.
    - Fixed a pottery wheel in East Freeport that was non-functional.
    - Fixed a Marketplace crash caused by item refreshes, typically during flash sales.
    - Players who have used /setstartcity should now see the correct city when using /charinfo.

    *** UI ***

    - Added new dragitem icons.

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Frostfell Events - Zott will now update the Search for Bram Bandyboot quest when you agree to [try to find him].
    - Freedom! - Grohlok in the quest will now appear when he should, as will the helpers he summons when fighting him.
    - Safe Passage - Scout Fathim will once again send you into this mission.
    - Destroy the Imposter - Small races will no longer need to jump or levitate to receive the update for going to the tree east of the Tainorith House for this task.

    - The EverQuest Team
    Semper Fi,
    Mikaal Drazzminius
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    Originally posted by Drazzminius View Post
    - Fixed an issue that prevented especially large melee attacks, usually backstabs or flying kicks, from dealing critical damage.
    Inc melee dps boost, though how much?
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