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Patch Notes - 03/12/2014

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  • Patch Notes - 03/12/2014

    *** Highlights ***

    - Heroic Characters are now available! You can choose to upgrade an existing character or to create a new Heroic Character from scratch. Please see for details.
    - Wood Elf Beastlords and Froglok Monks are now available for creation once House of Thule is open.
    - Sealed Pure Energeian Orbs can now be opened by anyone if the Underfoot expansion has launched on your server.

    *** Items ***

    - Added many new items that drop randomly in Call of the Forsaken zones. These items are very rare, but can be traded if you do not desire them for your own use.
    - Tradable Rank II spells should now drop randomly in Heroic Adventures.
    - Increased the starting power pool on Xorbb's Caged Hatred to 3.5 million. This is about three times the amount in a Pure Energeian Orb.
    - Slightly increased the stats on Call of the Forsaken raid charms.
    - Cleric Breastplates from Call of the Forsaken can now be used when targeting yourself.
    - Preservation of the Ancestors on Shaman breastplates from Call of the Forsaken will now correctly heal your entire group.
    - Freedom of Spirit now has a Tiger Claw skill mod.
    - Added a corruption focus to the Longbow of the Royal Court and Blued Steelforce Longbow.
    - The Steed of War, Umbral Selyrah, Highland Cragslither, and Ornate Flying Carpet mounts will now properly summon their faster versions if you have used a raid speed mount.
    - Sealed Pure Energeian Orbs can now be opened by anyone if the Underfoot expansion has launched on your server.
    - Fixed the typos in Qeynos Templar armor.
    - Several Roboboars that were Collapsable are now Collapsible.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - New recipes for cultural armor are available! These recipes have come around through the hard work of the New Tanaan Merchant Alliance and have removed the subcombines. You can purchase the Compendiums from Culturalist Devari in the Plane of Knowledge. You can also get more information from Instructor Tenn. Please note all old recipes still currently function.
    - Due to the increase of froglok martial arts enthusiasts, there is new leather cultural armor for frogloks. This armor only comes in the new cultural recipes.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - The Defense of Lendiniara - Raid - Commander Galenth's damage has been slightly reduced. He's still quite... grouchy.
    - Breaking Mirrors - Corrected a problem that was preventing the mirrors in this Anniversary task from being updated.
    - The Hills Are Alive - The Rescue Udwoona's Bunnies step of this Heroic Adventure should update properly if the nearby undead have been defeated.
    - The Thunder Gun Escape - Prison Escapees in this Heroic Adventure no longer leave corpses.
    - Menace, Doom and Horror - Mission - Fixed a problem that could prevent one of the eponymous NPCs from spawning correctly.
    - Sarith, City of Tides - Players can now repeat all of the quests given by Solphius instead of just the first.
    - Saving Jacyll - Raid and Mission - The exit location for these events are now closer to Frislo in the base zone.
    - Lost Comrades [68+] - Fixed a problem that prevented Shargone, the Ice Drake from spawning.
    - Many low hit point adds in Zhisza missions no longer leave corpses.
    - A new quest is available for Heroic Characters in the dream version of Feerrott! Speak with Investigator Drolmer and help him with his mercenary problems.

    *** Spells ***

    - Tradable Rank II spells should now drop randomly in Heroic Adventures.
    - Beastlords of specific levels can now summon loftier pets in the Plane of Sky.
    - Rogue - Fixed an issue that could cause the Phantom Assassin to lower its target's hatred for its owner by too much, leading to unpredictable behavior.

    *** NPC ***

    - Sugal the Fist and Ulno the Peaceful have begun training young Frogloks in the ways of the monk in Rathe Mountains.
    - Gwelian Wyn now keeps an eye on orc camps in Greater Faydark and will train aspiring Beastlords that seek her out.
    - The dream version of Feerrott now has a safe area in the ogre village, protected by wielders of flaming shields. No harmful entity can pass their wall. Many new merchants and other services are now available in this area.
    - The snakes in the dream version of Feerrott have become substantially weaker and more melee-friendly.
    - Mob hitpoints and attack power in first two tiers of zones in House of Thule have been reduced.
    - Ulno the Peaceful and Gwelian Wyn will offer books that tell their stories to interested adventurers.
    - Dragorns will no longer hold their weapons backwards.
    - Korascian Warrens - Mauk Peskysnout should no longer fall under the world.

    *** AA ***

    - Shaman - Pathosis spell icon changed to something less confusing with other beneficial abilities.
    - Warrior - Phalanx of Fury's aggro generation is now instantly applied instead of over time.
    - The Glyph of Indeterminable Reward is now available at level 51 and no longer requires the Alaran language.
    - Entering Muramite Proving Grounds or the Plane of Knowledge will synch up your Trials of Mata Muram resist bonus AAs and grant any you may be eligible for.

    *** Achievements ***

    - Corrected a problem with several of the traveler achievements in Dragons of Norrath.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Restructured how races and classes are stored throughout the game.
    - All players can now be bound in Feerrott - The Dream.
    - The Oggok stone in the Plane of Knowledge will now allow you to choose whether you wish to visit the original Feerrott or Feerrott, the Dream when you activate it.

    *** UI ***

    - Modified various windows in support of Heroic Characters.
    - Added in the ability for custom UIs to set tint for the color of buttons when they have been disabled. See DisabledBackgroundTextureTint for details.

    - Changed -


    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Disrupting the Ritual - Fixed a problem that was causing campfires and boxes to bounce around during this mission.
    - Saving Jacyll - Raid - The achievement "Drum Solo" should now award properly when you defeat the event with no one in your raid playing the drum more than once.
    - Anniversary NPCs in the Plane of Knowledge should be more reliable about showing up to work on time.

    - The EverQuest Team
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