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Patch Notes - 04/02/2014

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  • Patch Notes - 04/02/2014

    • The Plane of War is now available! Enter this extremely challenging plane and challenge the Zek brothers to learn their strategic and tactical secrets... but bring strong allies, as only the most skilled (level 95 and above) can hope to survive on an eternal battlefield such as this.

    • All mounts will now run at the speed of the fastest mount you have used. You may need to re-use your fastest mount in order to teach the others how quickly to run.
    • Clairvoyance will now message you when it activates.

    Heroic Characters
    • New Heroic Characters, whether created or upgraded, will now be directed to begin their adventures in Feerrott, the Dream with Investigator Drolmer.
    • Newly-created Heroic Characters on Zek will receive a protective spell that prevents nearly all offensive actions as well. Beware, as this protection will fall away if you venture away from the camp where you start, and will not be reapplied. This protection is not available to upgraded Heroic Characters.
    • Characters above level 85 who upgrade to Heroic Characters now get skills added if they were below the caps for level 85 characters.
    • Characters who upgrade to Heroic Characters while in the Tutorial zone will now be moved to Feerrott, the Dream automatically.
    • Characters below level 85 who upgrade to Heroic Characters will have all corpses wiped of experience before being upgraded. Be sure to get resurrected before upgrading your character!

    • All player-castable auras that lasted 30 minutes have been extended to last 75 minutes.
    • Bard - Ryken's and Ruaabri's Reckless Renewal should now correctly enhance critical healing chance up to their specified levels.
    • Beastlord - Smoothed out height differences between ranks of warders for all races. Extremely large warders will be smaller and very small warders will be larger. Height differences between focused and unfocused warders will be less dramatic, but higher level pets should always be larger than smaller level pets.
    • Druids - New Zephyrs have been created for each location that previously had both a Ring and a Circle spell. These new scrolls are available in the same locations as the originals.
    • Enchanter - Increased the damage absorption caps on all self and targetable runes from level 71 to 100 in order to more closely match NPC damage scaling in that range.
    • Enchanter - Increased the duration of Draconic, Polychromatic, Opalescent, Multichromatic, Pearlescent, and Polychromatic Runes to match the durations of later spells in their lines.
    • Heroic characters will no longer be automatically granted spells relating to anchors. They will still be available for free when the items are obtained.
    • Removed several spells that were mistakenly given to heroic characters but were never released normally. If you have them, they will be level 255 and can safely be removed from your spellbook.

    • Alchemist Redsa now properly sells Waterwort in the Plane of Knowledge.
    • Ice golems in Frostcrypt once again look icy.

    • Enchanter - Reduced the effectiveness of Mental Contortion. Reuse time reduced to 45 minute base (15 minutes with max Hastened Mental Contortion).

    Quests and Events
    • Bellfast in Corathus Creep will now correctly offer you the task "Find Fibblebrap 4: The Korlach" if you are eligible.

    • Rogues can now successfully reduce their aggro by using hide while auto-attack is enabled.
    • The client will now exit fullscreen if there is a crash detected so that the prompt will appear above the window (previously it would make it look like the client had frozen).

    • The petition window now opens in an external browser.
    • Increased the number of short duration buff slots from 20 to 30.
    • Added a popup window for fast camping in non-combat zones and for general camping.
    • The task window will now display the zone name where that task takes place.
    • In the case where an item does not have defined worn slots, valid races, and valid classes, we no longer display Class: None Race: None.
    • In the case where an item is usable by all races and classes, we no longer display Class: ALL Race: ALL.
    • Item-resticted bags now are labeled as to what they can contain.
    • The "Find Path" button will now correctly attempt to draw a path between you and your targeted group or raid member.

    • CascadeMenu.txt
    • EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml
    • EQUI_TaskWnd.xml

    Previously Updated
    • Increased the storage caps for Alternate Advancement points at most levels. The amount of AA points you can store now increases more linearly as you gain levels.
    • Investigator Drolmer in the dream version of Feerrott can now more reliably determine whether you are playing as a Heroic Character when you try to accept his quest.
    • Heroic character augments are no longer Prestige.
    • New items that drop randomly in Call of the Forsaken zones no longer have race restrictions, but no longer drop in Heroic Adventures in order to preserve their intended rarity.
    • Stealing My Life Back - Karl Kranigan is a bit more sturdy now. It will no longer be possible to accidentally kill him while working on the 11th Anniversary task.

    - The EverQuest Team
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