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NEW pet aggro rules coming

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  • NEW pet aggro rules coming

    12/4 change on test:
    - Adjusted how NPCs choose a melee target in relation to player pets:
    - - It is now possible for a pet to be the target of an NPC's melee attacks if it has the highest aggro with other players in range.
    - - This behavior can be adjusted on a per NPC basis and will currently be disabled for all current and previous raid difficulty NPCs.
    - - It is additionally possible for some NPCs to ignore the hatred generated by pets and instead attribute a portion of that hatred toward the owner. This behavior will be in play on raid targets on progression servers.
    - Adjusted how NPCs choose a melee target when they are rooted: NPCs will now choose to hit the target that they hate the most that is within melee range. Previously NPCs would simply hit the nearest hated target.

    depending on the specifics of how this fleshes out, you might be able to melee with a boxed rogue / bard / etc. and have the pet tank.... interesting...