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  • What's your Backup Game?

    With EQ offline for the time being, I'm curious what games other people play to fill in the gaps?

    Steam has been running rotating 75% off daily specials all of this week. I paid $20 combined for both Need for Speed Hot Pursuit & NfS Shift. I am not playing them currently, but at $10 each I couldn't resist putting them in the game library to play at some future point.

    Yesterday, they had Mass Effect 1 & 2 on sale. I bought them for a combined price of $25.

    Today they have Crysis 1 and Crysis Warfront on sale for $7.50 and $5 respectively (buy both for $10 even). I already own both, so I won't be buying them.

    This is a good week to load up on new games for sure. I'm not sure I'll be playing any of these titles, but like I said... it's good to buy them while they're 75% off so you can play them when the mood strikes.

    They haven't released what the 75% off games are going to be for Saturday and Sunday, but I'll be at least checking to see if there's anything cool in the lineup.

    ONE GAME that I suggest everyone consider is Dead Space 2. I bought Dead Space 2 off of Steam last week. HOLY CRAP, that game is fracking scarey! After the introduction video, I woke up in a hospital bed with all sorts of shit going down around me. Then I died within ten seconds of gaining control of the character. There is NO such thing as easing the player into this game. I died well over ten times in the first five minutes just trying to escape the utter chaos that is the opening sequence of DS2. About an hour later, as I was skulking about in a dark room, I turned around to see what was behind me. When I did that, I leapt backwards out of my chair because MY OWN SHADOW was on the wall behind me. I thought it was a mob about to gank me, and I literally was startled with fear thinking my own fracking shadow was about to attack me.

    But seriously, Dead Space 2 FTW. It is scaring the hell out of me. I've had to walk away from the keyboard a couple of times just because I've been ganked so badly by some mob. The AI in the creatures is superb. If you're walking down the hallway, a mob behind you will creep up on silently so you cannot hear it coming. However, if you turn around and happen to "see" it, then it charges because it is aware that its cover is blown. If the mobs are coming at you from the front, they use obstacles to shield themselves from your shots. They'll jump out at you, attack a couple of rounds, and then retreat before you can recover and shoot at them.

    The best part about Dead Space 1 & 2 is the way you end up having to kill the mobs. Head shots don't do fuck all. You literally have to sever at least one arm and one leg of the enemies before they will stop coming after you. If you blow off their head, they start spewing corrosive crap from the neck wound and flail about blindly trying to hit you. If you only take off their legs... the top half of the torso starts to drag itself after you trying to get you.

    There's this one mob that crawls around on the floor like a vampire bat crawls around on the ground. If it finds a dead corpse, it will clamp onto the body for 5 seconds and reanimate it. Then, after it has zombified the corpse, it detaches and looks for more corpse to reanimate. So, just leaving your enemies dead behind you is not enough. You would be wise to stomp on the corpses until there's nothing but body parts left, or the vampire bat mob may very well reanimate them all.

    I play some Rift right now too, but Rift only makes me lament the downtime of Everquest.
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    i pirated deadspace one, that series looked really good to me. my only beef is the controls. its really hard to get into the controls, does not seem like the mouse rotates the camera that good.

    that being said, downloading Divinity II: Ego Draconis to give another try. the camera pissed me off on that too.

    i have been playing the shit out of fallout 3 and new vegas, but ive beaten them both so many times its hard to get into them, even heavily modded

    i mostly like rpgs, fable 3 and witcher 2 come out the 17th. why couldnt those GD hackers waited till then


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      I played Fallout 3 four times through, and I loved it each time. I haven't gone near New Vegas because I just burned out a bit on Fallout 3. Don't get me wrong... it looks like I would thoroughly enjoy it, but I'm afraid that it may just be Fallout 3 in a new location.

      I'm waiting another 6 months or so until New Vegas and all of the DLC (if there is any) is on sale in one bundled price.

      Can you confirm if New Vegas is at least worth having to someone that really enjoyed Fallout 3 (burnout notwithstanding)?

      I definitely hear you on the controls issue for the Dead Space series. I like the first person perspective of "seeing out my own eyes," and the Dead Space UI is... well... it's not like anything I've ever played as far as the interface goes. When I first played it, I had a very difficult time acclimitizing to the way you controlled the character. Once I did get used to the controls, the game itself was much more enjoyable. Yeah, the controls are weird as hell, and definitely require some "time in" to get used to them.


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        get new vegas. i loved right out the box because i loved F3 wanderer's edition mod.

        NW and especialy the hardcore mod take so much from FWE and other mods

        doesnt have the same feel as F3, none of that scrounging around stuff. my only complaint is the level of civilization and lack of enclave/brotherhood

        definately worth getting. feels kinda like an expansion, but a ton of changes as well


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          I'll keep my eyes open for a sale on it then. It's still $50 on Steam, and seeing as how I won't be playing it straight away I have some time to see if they run any promos along the way.

          I was fairly certain I'd be playing it at some point given how much I did enjoy Fallout3, but your reccomendation pretty much cements the point.

          Hahaha and how incredibly hilarious was it when you'd get the slow motion kill head shot where their head literally disintegrates as a bullet plows through?

          Nailgun FTW!


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            Runes of Magic. Its a WOW clone, with some modifications that make it a little more interesting. /Shrug, its free.


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              Originally posted by Hayzeus View Post

              Hahaha and how incredibly hilarious was it when you'd get the slow motion kill head shot where their head literally disintegrates as a bullet plows through?
              they actually added those kill shots outside of vats, can turn them off if wanted though


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                I've been playing some little indie games from Steam. Just can't beat $5 for a game!

                If you are an Oz freak, I can highly recommend Emerald City Confidential. I don't usually care for retreads of my favorite stuff (for example, I have yet to read "Wicked" and I probably never will) but this game is exceptional, and pretty funny. It's a noir version of the Emerald City, and the game itself is extremely simplistic, but it's pretty cool.

                One of my top 3 games ever was the original Tomb Raider, so I was pretty happy to find Tomb Raider Anniversary, which is a rebooted version of that game. The controls are a big PITA sometimes, but it's pretty fun, and nostalgic.

                The new "Monkey Island" games are pretty fun. Some of the puzzles are unbelievable (any Gabriel Knight fans will know what I mean when I say they are of the cat-hair mustache type, and start to cry), but if you aren't afraid to use spoilers you will enjoy these games ;p

                The next 2 games I have on my list to play are "Winter Voices" and "Broken Sword". They were both recommended to me by a friend. I'd really like to play Dragon Age 2 also, but I don't think I have enough computer for it.


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                  A nice range of good, old, cheap games. Especially RPG.
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                    I was playing D&D Online to check it out, but decided against expending too much effort on something that was only temporary.

                    Reinstalled Oblivion. I love that game and hadn't played it since 2007 (last time I was in Iraq). I was immediately immersed again.

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                        an old MUD i played before Everquest


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                          ive been trying out rift... not a bad game but its just not EQ lol
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                            I prefer Zuma Blitz, personally.

                            I played through DAO and was thinking about picking up Dragon Age 2, but I don't really know anything yet about what they improved upon or if 2 is worse etc.


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                              dragon age 2 is a big bag of faggotry

                              think endless waves of trash waves. completely linear storyline.

                              nothing like an rpg as dao was. its a hybrid between gay/rpg/fps/action/queer

                              i got 15 min in and deleted it