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Technical problems with Necrotalk?

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  • Technical problems with Necrotalk?

    If you are having problems registering an account here at necrotalk, unable to post, etc - please send a Private Message (PM) to one or more of the following staff:

    Drazzminius (admin)
    Scrat (admin)
    Solithan (moderator)
    Vivamort (moderator)
    Lashden (moderator)

    If you are unable to login to your necrotalk account for whatever reason, login to the sony everquest forums at using your everquest account login information, and send a private message to Scarpa (this is scrat). You must include what what you think your necrotalk login name is, your character name & server so I can validate.

    The registration process for requires a legitimate email account, and email confirmation after you have registered. If you are using an email provider with extensive spam filtering, the email confirmation process may fail unless you specifically edit your customized settings to allow to pass - leaving your account forever in a "pending email confirmation" stage.

    --Retired, May 2012--

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    I need someone with access to the subscription dept to pm me. I have an issue, tried to email and havent gotten a responce yet, and if it doesnt get taken care of soon, like last week, this issue is going to turn into a problem.

    Thx in advance