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  • how would you respond to this PM?

    Negative, first i really could care less WHAT perception people have of necro's as a class, mana battery or otherwise. The fact still remains that we DO have the capability of being a mana battery, that isn't going to change. We will always be able to twitch and we will always be able to mind wrack. Because that is a fact, and is not going to change, it is to our best interest that we make it as useful and efficent as possible. The idea that our mana is better served doing dps instead of twitchin another class doesn't make sense. There are plenty of fights that will drain other classes of mana far before we are drained.... at that point do we just solo the mob? If the cleric runs out of mana and the tank dies because of it, all we are left with is soloing the mob ourselves. Passing our mana to a wizzy who can drop some serious damage on the mob would be far more useful that hoping we can kite the mob long enough to kill it, or hope the dots we have on it will kill it while we are FD, or hope we can nuke enough to equal what a wizard could put out.

    Taking the stance of "I'm just not going to mem twitch and i'm going to fight to make sure it doesn't get upgraded by never using it" is just compounding the problem. The necro class is well known for having few spells that actually help others, and also then carries the stigma of not being team players. Necros that refuse to twitch and refuse to mind wrack take that stigma and run with it. I am a team player and always will be, and get compliments in every group i'm in because i WILL actually help the group, twitch and mind wrack. I'd much rather be looked at as a mana battery that people WANT in their group than a DPS necro who only cares about trying to do more damage than the wizards.

    Mine was "go play your main".

    Rifting sucked, back for more.

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    My Reply:

    The only reason you get compliments is because you're enabling others to play their class better than you're playing your alt necro. That just shows a lack of understanding by you and your playmates.

    Using your mana for straight damage will help kill a mob faster than using it all to give a third of it to a wizard to nuke or a cleric to heal, it doesn't get simpler than that.
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      It show is the person has absolutely not clue whatsoever how much mana twiches give for what cost and how much better the mana could be spent dpsing in vast majority of cases.

      My reply: Go away twink or inform yourself before talking bullshit.


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        We need lvl caps on twitch,will not work on players under lvl 20 or over lvl 60.Or better yet delete them and create a lower lvl version of MW.Fuck twitching and if I ever meet the dev who invented it hes getting a kick in the nuts.


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          I'd like more replies, we'll see where/how it goes and if it's "ok" I'll send the link to him! That or give you all his eqlive handle and let you all naw at his ankles and such!

          Rifting sucked, back for more.


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            he fact still remains that we DO have the capability of being a mana battery, that isn't going to change. We will always be able to twitch

            that made me lol irl, i deletd my twitch spells as soon as my guild beat xegony
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              MW and it's upgrades I use if I know it's going to be a long fight especially if a resistant mob where only 1 spell line really can be used reliably.

              Twitching is anothe matter altogether. Earlt days raiding for me used to get alot tells asking till I exploded one day in general chat on a guildie. Was a druid. I watched her she wasn't doing anything to help her mana ie sitting and medding or whatever. I told her on behalf of the necros we were no longer to goign to twitch her till she learned to conserve her mana. I told her to sit MEDDING WORKS. From that day forward the all tells for twitching dropped off dramatically and guess what we winning events without twitching. Now my guild veiws us DPS and save the raids ass class.

              People need to learn to play thier classes and conserve mana.


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                Originally posted by Jebasiz
                at that point do we just solo the mob? If the cleric runs out of mana and the tank dies because of it, all we are left with is soloing the mob ourselves. Passing our mana to a wizzy who can drop some serious damage on the mob would be far more useful that hoping we can kite the mob long enough to kill it, or hope the dots we have on it will kill it while we are FD,
                To that point, I would give an example of a fight my guild had in Tacvi one night not too long ago. The guild was not on top of its game that night. Xxeric and adds tore through our tanks clerics and everyone else after regenning to 40%. All that was left was a cleric, bard and two necros (I believe). Whilst the bard and cleric kept Xxeric's attention for the last 5% or so, the other necro and I proceeded to finish off Xxeric pulling out all of our tricks. Still think our mana is best served for the the others in raid/group?

                But my response to the PM in general would be: go do the math for twitch and compare how much it gives to a player compared to how much their spells are costing them. You will see that it is inefficient at best. Then, go play your main.

                And hell, I get compliments in my groups too. But normally it is after I leave to the tune of, we just could not kill them fast enough like we were while you were in group.

                I might pull out Mind Flay, possibly a twitch (doubtful) if I know that we have a severely undergeared cleric in the group. But I come out and tell them, if I catch you casting ANY other spell besides a heal, you get no more mana via MF or twitch (if I was off my rocker and actually pulled that spell out).
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                  if i'm grouped and people know their stuff might toss a mw....but really if all doing their parts it's not needed if wish to toss in the perk fine
                  i flat out refuse to mw or twitch for clerics up nuking or any caster not medding as can

                  for those think it somehow makes or breaks raiding /boggles
                  has the MT maxed it's def aa's? does it have 20k hp's yet only 1k or 1.5k ac? lol
                  casters keeping up with their aa's and foci?
                  person that sent that pm mentioned "team player" yet all these things affect the "team" more than a twitched piss in the wind


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                    Anyone remember my old sig?

                    Zandramadass has removed twitch from his spell book to avoid further punishment for others short comings.

                    Twitching can be helpfull in a very limited number of circumstances, however, to do so outside of those circumstances is only enabling others to use you as a crutch for their poor playing skills.

                    Its your char so play it how you want but just because you dont know how to play the primary role of the class and instead wish to concentrate on one of the shittier utilities we have dont expect others to share your opinion or play style. One thing you can expect will be alienation or out right flames from those who can play the class.

                    Btw - your village is missing you!
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                    Message of the day - Zandramadass has removed twitch from his spell book due to his desire to avoid further punishment for others shortcomings.
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                      Originally posted by Jebasiz
                      Passing our mana to a wizzy who can drop some serious damage on the mob would be far more useful that hoping we can kite the mob long enough to kill it, or hope the dots we have on it will kill it while we are FD, or hope we can nuke enough to equal what a wizard could put out.
                      This wasn't from everybody's favorite wizzie, was it?

                      Every time I group with someone who's not really worked with a necro before, or just isn't all that familair with us, I get messages to the effect of "Man you are doing all the work!" or "Wow, that's some amazing damage you're putting out!" EVERY time. And Zand pretty much sums up my feelings on the spell as well. I will not be used as a crutch. If you don't know how to manage your mana, you sure as hell aint gonna mis-manage mine.

                      I got no problems with the mind wrack-line really. Especially if we're going into an encounter that's gonna be a marathon. If it's gonna hurt the mob, even if it's just mana, I'm alright with that. Just don't expect to me target another player and spam a key for an entire fight. That's a quick recipe for a very surly lizard in your camp.
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                        It's been said that twitch is a crutch for poor players and I agree with that entirely. However, this criticism is usually only applied to players on the receiving end, when I think that it can be applied to the giver just as readily.

                        Twitching requires zero brains or skill on the part of the necromancer and if you think that compliments you receive for doing so are worth anything, you are kidding yourself. In most cases, a necro who is passing out mana = a necro who is either too lazy or too uninformed to figure out how to make a better contribution to the group or raid.

                        That may sound harsh, but I'm also criticizing myself here. I have gone that route once, too - raidleader requested that the necros pump mana to the healers and we were taking on a dragon that had the ability to reflect well, it was just easier for me to stand in one spot, target the healer, press two buttons and not have to concern myself with paying attention and following the emotes. However, no matter what the raidleader requested, I don't fool myself into thinking that was anything other than poor playing on my part. A necro dotting/tapping at the appropriate times would have helped the raid more than the few extra heals generated by twitch (even assuming that the healer would have been OOM otherwise, which I don't think was the case).

                        In summary, I firmly believe that asking for upgrades to something as brainless and passive as twitch just shows that you are not truly interested in playing the game; you want other classes to carry you through it so you don't have to think.


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                          The (ONLY) place I twitch is an enchanter while making me some TS stuff and only because he's a mid LvL chanter alt with a low mana pool. There is no other use for that spell in my opinion. MW I do use on rare occasions but only as a second thought when we're killing fast enough that I have a free spell gem and then it's not needed.

                          This reminds me of a group I was in in MPG one time where the MT kept sending me tells to twitch the cleric. I replyed that no the cleric needs to manage thier mana pool better and that my mana is better spent DPSing. I then proceeded to load up twitch and showed him the difference in our kill rate with me throwing a twitch in with my line up of dots and without, Needless to say that MT has never asked me to twitch again and no necro in my guild will.



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                            Phorlar and I used to make up perverted emotes for when people asked for twitches on hotkeys. Mine implied that I was jerking off on them or they were blowing me for more mana.

                            You'd be surprised how effective this was in lowering the amounts of tells.

                            I'm kinda shocked this topic is still going on. You can always tell these people to /gofuk and leave it at that. No argument, no explanation.

                            Of course, that's just how Ckador rolled.
                            8:;;;;': D~e~e~ >_O

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                              Twitch is identical to bind wound. If you use a high enough level(skill) of it on a low enough level player (pre-20) it makes a noticable difference in powerleveling efforts.

                              Try binding wounds on a tank the next time you are in Ashengate, and when the group threatens to disband you because you aren't doing your job ask them what your job is. Be sure to link them your bags full of bandages to convey your preparedness.

                              Next time you are running through a katta mission, whip out that nasty 2hb and ask if the group wants you to tank, or do melee DPS. It worked pretty good when you were level 12, why not at 75? Tell the cleric to take a break, you will be Good to Go with your lifetaps. After the group disbands you, ask them what they think your job should be, if not tanking or doing melee dps.

                              When you are bored sometime, give your warrior pet a 30+ damage 2hb weapon from the bazaar and go pet tank (you play pet cleric) in Frostcrypt utilizing your undead slow. As you are retrieving your corpse, take a moment to decide what your job might be since giving pets 2-hand weapons doesn't work any more, healing pets doesn't work anymore, pet tanking anything doesn't work anymore, and slowing even-yellow con undead mobs doesn't mean shit anymore unless you got a nice tank & healer backing you up.

                              etc, etc.
                              Now you have an idea why 99.998% of the necromancer community wants to disband you from our class for insisting we don't know how to do our job.
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